Understanding Divorce

Divorce is one of the most difficult transitions in life and impacts everyone involved. At DeLacey, Riebel & Shindell, our divorce and family law attorneys understand that you have a lot at stake. We are committed to protecting your best interests and those of your children. Whether you have children to consider, a business to run, significant assets to divide, real estate to divide or other considerations, our attentive and strategic approach helps clients move forward with integrity.


In a divorce, emotions often run high while conversations with your spouse may break down. We are here for you during this challenging and sensitive time. The decisions you make now will determine your future, both financially and, if you have children, as a co-parent to your soon to be ex-spouse. Taking a mindful approach to divorce means looking at all aspects of your life - your thoughts, your emotions, feelings, and your reactions to your spouse throughout the divorce process.

Most importantly, we help you stay focused on your priorities so that you can achieve the best outcome for all parties involved. We handle all aspects of your divorce. Ensuring you have the right team to support you during your divorce is critical.

We keep you informed and educated you so you understand your options and the process that you are going through. Should you settle or litigate? We strategically guide you and help you to make informed decisions to best achieve the outcome you want in order to experience a mindful divorce.
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Charles DeLacey

Partner, Shareholder

Charles represents family law clients in cases involving business ownership interests, venture capital investments, real estate, stock options and RSU holdings, and other sophisticated financial issues.

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Kelly J. Shindell DeLacey

Partner, Shareholder

Kelly J. Shindell DeLacey concentrates her practice
on complex family law matters involving stock
option apportionment, property characterization,
business valuation, spousal and child support, and
highly contentious child custody disputes.

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Jeff Riebel

Partner, Shareholder

Jeff Riebel is an outstanding litigator whose extensive practice encompasses all aspects of family law. His skill has been noted in high-conflict and high-asset cases throughout the state of California. In addition to family law matters, Jeff has been a Public Defender and business development specialist.

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Sheila Bari


Ms. Bari takes cases of complex property division,
high asset dissolutions, high-conflict support, and custody disputes and issues. Ms. Bari is also qualified
to negotiate and draft prenuptial agreements before marriage and postnuptial agreements that are
created after a couple is already married.

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Alison Grcevich


Alison Grcevich focuses on complex dissolution
matters involving stock option apportionment, business
valuation, real estate, property characterization, and child custody disputes. Ms. Grcevich also negotiates and drafts premarital and postmarital agreements and consults with clients involved in mediation.

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James B. Templeton


James B. Templeton has practiced family law exclusively since 2009 and has extensive experience representing clients in all types of family law matters, including dissolution of marriage, legal separation, marital property division, custody, support issues and complex financial issues.

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We provide individualized advice, empathy and emotional support to each client. We ask what’s important to our client. We listen to your needs and goals and explain your options for achieving them . We earn your trust through authentic, honest and candid conversations. We help you anticipate the process by walking you through a personalized roadmap of your case.
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