Child support

A Financial Foundation For Your Children

A Child's Right, A Parent's Obligation
Children deserve financial support from both parents. And in California, both parents are responsible for financially supporting a child. This may be true even if one of the parents is not working. It's even true if children are not living with either parent. At DeLacey, Riebel & Shindell, LLP, our attorneys can work with you to establish child support orders appropriate to your situation.

How Does It Work?
Child support orders provide an official structure to ensure that children receive the financial support they deserve. The child support process stays in place until the child reaches the age of 18, barring any significant mental or physical disabilities that would extend that timeline. Some of the things that child support pays for include:

• Medical expenses
• Food, clothing and shelter
• Daycare expenses
• Establishing parentage: The identity of the father needs to be documented legally before he would be obligated to pay child support.

How Much Will It Be?
Both parents are required to provide for their children financially, and the amount they will be required to pay depends on several things, including:

• Their respective incomes
• Daycare expenses
• The amount of time each parent spends with the child
• Pre-existing support obligations (including alimony and other child support orders)

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