prenuptial agreement

Preserving Assets From The Start

Financial Clarity Can Strengthen Relationships
If you are entering a marriage with significant assets, one of the best ways to protect those assets in the case of an eventual divorce is by creating a prenuptial agreement. Similarly, if you are getting married to someone who has had financial success or who comes to the table with property, stocks, business concerns or other indicators of high net worth, you may be asked to sign a prenuptial agreement. These agreements are sometimes considered to be unromantic or a harbinger of trouble, but in fact, they often turn out to be the opposite. Having clear expectations and known limits going into a marriage can prevent disagreements and help ensure that both parties are getting into a marriage for the right reason. Premarital agreements can also increase the sense of security and trust in a marriage and help ensure its success.

Who Gets A Prenup?
While anyone can get a prenuptial agreement, typically people who have assets they want to protect are the ones who do it. This can include people who have:

• Stocks
• Interest in a startup
• A family inheritance
• Multiple properties
• A business (such as a winery or a bed and breakfast)

Entrepreneurs sometimes have assets in the form of stocks that could be worth something if the business takes off, but the value may be unclear at the time of the prenup. These stocks are still worth considering in the prenuptial agreement. One of our experienced lawyers can help guide you through what needs to be done in this situation.

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