complex divorce

Protecting What You've Worked To Build

Meeting The Challenge Of Complexity
Divorce is difficult, regardless of financial status. But for those who have built significant assets throughout their lives, the process can become more complicated. At DeLacey, Riebel & Shindell, LLP, our California attorneys have a depth of experience handling cases that involve layers of complex financial concerns that must be untangled before a divorce can be completed.

Understanding The Scope Of Assets
For many couples, one partner handled the money while the other took care of the house and other concerns. In cases such as these, one spouse may not even know all the assets that may be at stake in a divorce. It's even possible that one spouse could be hiding assets to keep from having to share them as a part of the divorce. Our firm knows how to account fully for the assets and estate of divorcing couples, and routinely brings in other professionals such as CPAs, business appraisers and real estate appraisers to help round out the financial picture. This process includes dividing 401(k)s. Some of the assets we consider in complex divorces may include:

• Multiple homes or vacation homes
• Stocks
• Bonds
• Inheritances
• Retirement accounts
• The primary home and furniture
• Valuable collections
• Family property
• Business interests

Hold On To What's Yours

If you and your spouse are going through what we would consider a complex divorce, it's essential that you consult with an attorney who has considerable experience with the full range of concerns involved in such an endeavor. In the San Francisco area, contact our firm for an initial consultation with a lawyer by calling 415-528-7000 or by sending an email.